Why we're here.

Grace + Ivory aims for extraordinary: A socially conscious business that provides beautiful, custom made-to-measure, quality wedding dresses that are accessible to the modern woman. 

Grace + Ivory started with a combination of wants: A wedding dress. Quality craftsmanship and fabrics. Accessible and affordable. Custom details. Made-to-measure.

This was the problem: Quality, made-to-measure wedding dresses at reasonable pricing in the U.S. were not attainable. With our global economy, we knew that this should be something available to the modern woman. With this vision, Tina Zysk sought out our designer and dressmaker, and founded Grace + Ivory. 

By partnering directly with our dressmaker, we cut out layers of distributors & retailers, and offer gorgeous dresses at a great price. Every dress is made-to-measure saving a bride on multiple fittings and alterations costs, giving her a beautiful, custom-sewn dress made just for her.

We use quality fabrics sourced from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and beyond. We start each individual dressmaking process once an order is received. Our personal design stylists are there to provide the best customer experience. Our design stylists work with a bride from initial inquiries, to helping with purchasing, custom requests, follow-up questions, & shipping. Every dress is carefully sewn, thoroughly inspected, and lovingly hand-packaged. 

As our mission is about women helping women, a portion of every dress purchase goes to programs helping women and girls in need. We’re currently supporting Plan International’s Because I am a Girl” Campaign, which has programs around the world focusing on girls’ health, education, empowerment, & community involvement. Grace + Ivory supports Plan’s belief that gender equality is central to achieving long-term change.

We hope you support our story. Dresses done differently.

 Grace + Ivory supports Because I am a Girl


Tina Zysk Founder Grace and Ivory

 Tina Zysk, Founder