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Bridal Done Differently means we get a few FAQs

Answers about our brand, buying process, and our try-at-home program.


If you love one of our dress designs and are ready to move to purchasing, you can go head and purchase your chosen dress right off our website. Our dedicated stylists will reach out to you after you purchase to confirm any custom details, and guide you through measurements. Have additional questions before you purchase? Contact us at

We advise our brides to order about 5-6 months ahead of time so we can get you your dress at least 6-8 weeks before your big day. The typical production timeline on our dresses is 2-4 months. It varies on a case-by-case basis depending on customizations and timeline preferences (we are offering a tailored bridal experience, after all!). We want you to have time to put your bustle in and to have a final fitting with the tailor of your choice.

Is your wedding sooner? Contact us at and we can see what we can do. As every order is made-to-order, if it’s possible, we’re more than happy to accommodate orders under a 5-6 month timeline.

Hello size inclusion! Women come in all shapes, sizes, and proportions – we have curves! – we thought it was crazy that wedding dresses are not more custom in sizing, and so we sought to change that. We cater to any shape and size as all of our Grace + Ivory labeled dresses are made-to-order and custom made-to-measure, meaning sewn to the measurements that you provide us.

While every dress is custom made-to-order, note that this is not considered bespoke or fully custom, as it is the size that is tailored rather than the whole design. More so, we are making to one set of measurements, which is great for proportional fit, but you will still need a final fitting once you receive the dress and can tailor it to your body.

Note, dresses in our collaboration with Goli June are made-to-order but not made to a full set of measurements like our brand label. Your stylist will answer all questions and ensure we are on the same page for any dress you order.

After you purchase your dress, your design stylist will provide you with a measurement guide and table so you can then have someone take your measurements and send them to us. We will also provide a link to a handy measuring video to guide you! If you're in the Chicago area, you may opt to schedule an in-person measurement appointment with us.

Yes, our Grace + Ivory labeled designs are customizable – we see them as templates that are ready to be loved the way they are or changed to your preferences! While we don't offer a fully custom option, our made-to-measure designs can be changed.

If you’re thinking, “I love this dress but I wish I could change this one (or two) thing....” – then don’t fret! All of our designs are customizable to make this dress perfect for you. If you’re thinking a higher neckline, different underlay color, short train, or anything more imaginative, then write to us and/or book a design consultation so we can discuss your dream dress. We consult directly with our designer and dressmaker to see if your request(s) are feasible and can be accommodated.

Note, our dresses that are part of our Goli June collaboration are limited with customizations. If you love one of her designs but want to change something, please also reach out to discuss with us!

Congrats! We want you to have an awesome experience. After you have submitted your order, our design stylists will contact you over email. The design stylist will confirm your wedding date, get your measurements, confirm your customizable options, and ensure that we have all the information we need to start making your dress! You will sign off on your order before it is sent to production; Your stylist will be there to answer any questions you may have and will combine all the information listed above into a dress agreement to ensure we are all on the same page. The dress agreement will then be sent to you for your review and signature.

Upon receipt of your signed wedding dress agreement, which confirms your order details, custom options, measurements, and all the fine print, your dress will take approximately 2-6 months to complete depending on the dress design and wedding date. If you have any questions about the status of your dress, feel free to send your stylist a message. You will be notified via email once your dress is completed and you will receive a shipping notification soon after.

Your made-to-measure gown is made for you! As our dresses are made-to-measure, this feature means that the gown is made in your proportions & height to improve on overall proportional fit. This however does not guarantee a perfect fit and alterations are to be expected. That said, we recommend you schedule a fitting with a local tailor or seamstress of your choice to put in a bustle and to see if you need any final tweaks such as raising your hem to the height of your shoes or taking the gown in a little here or letting it out there as your body weight may fluctuate from the time you submitted your measurements. We also make our dresses with about an extra inch in length to ensure your dress is not too short (you cannot add!). Our high quality dresses include generous 3/4 inch seam allowance (extra fabric in the seam!) so changes like these are no problem for reputable tailors.

While your local tailor won’t be affiliated with Grace + Ivory, we’d be happy to help you find one! Your design stylist can research to find a seamstress in your area. We have preferred tailors and seamstresses in major cities. Of course, you’re not required to work with our recommended seamstresses. You probably already realize this, but just a heads up that Grace + Ivory doesn’t pay for or assume responsibility for the final fittings, any additional tweaks, or bustles. You would work that all out with the tailor or seamstress and cover additional costs if they are any. We just hold up our end by getting the dress as close to perfect as we can beforehand!

Since each dress is custom made, there should only be minor alterations for a final fitting, if any. If there are additional concerns, we will provide up to a $100.00 alterations credit for anything beyond taking in or out a seam, and/or shortening a hem (we make your dress length based on the information you provide: your height and the height of shoes). This credit does not include additional customization for a dress outside of the agreed upon custom options and measurements outlined in your dress agreement. For alterations next steps, reach out to your design stylist or contact us at

Yes! As a best effort to avoid additional costs, all shipping and handling is free for all brides. Shipping will usually take 3-7 days from the date a bride receives her shipping notification. We do not ship to P.O. boxes. We recommend providing us with an address where the package can be received securely (i.e. a front desk that receives packages).

If the dress is received damaged due to shipping, please notify us immediately so we can remedy the situation. Delivery delays can occasionally occur and we will make our best effort to deliver the dress on the agreed upon delivery date.

Currently we only ship to addresses within the United States.

We want you to have the best experience with your made-to-measure wedding dress. While we hope you would not want to return your dress, we understand that it may not always work out.

We have the following return policy for our brides:
- When you purchase your dress, we follow-up for requests for your measurements and other items for your dress, which is needed for your dress agreement and to submit your order to the production team. If you do not respond in a timely manner, by the requested dates and, at that current time, it is deemed that a dress cannot be made in the required timeline to meet delivery at least 2-4 weeks before the wedding date or by a bride’s requested date, a 25% refund will be offered for cancelled orders.
- We send you an agreement to sign after we receive your order. If you do not return the agreement in a timely manner, by the requested agreement date and, at that current time, it is deemed that a dress cannot be made in the required timeline to meet delivery at least 2-4 weeks before the wedding date or by a bride’s requested date, a 25% refund will be offered for cancelled orders.
- Following purchase and signing of the agreement, but prior to the gown being produced, fulfilled, and shipped, if a bride determines that her Grace and & Ivory design will no longer work for her, a 25% refund will be offered for cancelled orders.
- If a bride purchases and receives a dress that does not meet her standards or expectations, upon delivery and receipt of her dress she has 10 business days to notify her design consultant. At this time, the design consultant will work to resolve any issues including any with fit, if possible. If that is not possible, a 50% refund will be offered upon return and receipt of the unworn and unaltered garment. Return shipping will be at the expense of Grace + Ivory.

Veils & Capes: Veils & Capes are Final Sale. 

A bustle gathers up extra fabric or a train with buttons, or ties to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the floor, which is especially useful when you want to walk around and dance at your reception. As described above, a bustle is based on specific preferences and must be done with a tailor after you receive your dress.

Yes, part of our collection is available to try-at-home (TAH). Read more about it on our Try-On-Process page and here's the general gist below:

1) Love a dress? Want to see it for yourself before you buy? Find the dresses that get you excited and add to your cart by pressing “Try On At Home”! You’ll select the sample size range (i.e. if you choose size range 6-10, you'll receive a size 10 gown) and let us know when you’d like to receive our sample gown.

2) Receive Our Kit, Find Your Gown! You’ll get our kit delivered to your door so you can hop into our beautiful styles. Invite friends over, pop champagne, Facetime relatives, or don’t! You do you, boo!

3) Mail Back Samples Within 3 Days. Most bridal stores thrive off impulse decisions. We want you to feel relaxed! Once you’ve chosen “the one” go ahead and mail back the samples within 3 days. Each kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label because honestly who has time to print one out?

4) Make It Yours! Order Custom Made-to-Measure. Order your dress right off of our website. Our pricing is all inclusive. Additional questions? Email, or schedule a call with your stylist at Grace & Ivory! Each kit comes with a soft measuring tape, and you can discuss details on what personalizations are available (longer train, different neckline, etc.). Your custom, made-to-order gown will be crafted and delivered to you in just 2 - 4 months.

For sizing, we typically offer a sample range of sizes 4, 10, and 16, made to these sample measurements below:
Size 4: 35/27/37.5 inches (bust/waist/hips)
Size 10: 38.5/30.5/41.5 inches (bust/waist/hips)
Size 16: 44.5/36.5/46.5 inches (bust/waist/hips)

Remember, our actual dresses are made-to-measure!

Our TAH kit is offered to all 50 states in the U.S. We currently do not offer our TAH for International brides.

Take everything out of the box and hang your dress(es) to loosen some of the wrinkles. The dresses arrive inside out to protect lace or beads; just gently turn the dress right-side in by gently pulling the top through the bottom. Be careful around pets.

At a typical bridal shop, there is usually an assistant to help you get into the dress. We recommend having a close friend or relative play this role. Have them unzip/unbutton the back of the dress, place on the floor to step-in, make a “hole” for you to step into it. Have your chosen bridal assistant help you with any zippers or buttons.

You have your dress for three days beginning at your requested date – if you receive it before the date, your try-at-home dates are still from your requested date.

At the latest, please ship back your dress the day after your 3rd day of your rental block. So if you have your try-at-home dates for Friday-Saturday-Sunday, please ship your dress back on Monday. You’re welcome to ship back sooner, if needed.

The dress sample you receive is likely to be too big or too small. To help you visualized a better fitted dress, we’ve provided clips and fabric panels for your try-on.

There is a clear plastic bag that is included with your dress and a Grace + Ivory packing sticker. Please gently turn the dress inside-out roll/tuck the dress by folding the bottom and the train, and then the top of the dress in towards middle. Place in the bag and seal with the sticker. Place the dress and clips back in the box it arrived in and seal the box with packing tape. Use the return label that is included to place on the box (over the old label) and arrange pick-up or drop-off at your nearest UPS location.

If you have a sturdy stool or platform at home, we recommend using it to stand on to get a better visual and to see the dress fall to floor length in the front. If you don’t have a stool, then tuck the dress under at the bottom. As all of our dresses are made-to-measure, you can rest assured that your real dress will be fitted properly to your proportions.

We don't want to, but fees do apply for late returns at $20/ per day. We need to ensure the next bride gets her samples on time. If we don't hear from you in 5 days from the last day of your try-at-home booking, we’ll assume you're keeping the sample and charge you the full price of the dresses. Please let us know beforehand if you need more time and we will try to accommodate.

Please reach out to us via email ( or phone to avoid any misunderstandings.

Yes! Once you're ready to purchase, ensure that you have a credit code from us that you can use at checkout. Apply the code on the checkout page to take off your TAH amount.

Did you already purchase your dress? No problem, just let us know. Your TAH costs will be credited towards the purchase of your dress. Contact us at

Authorization holds occur for our TAH dresses, as part of our fraud prevention policies. Given the high value of every sample, we will place up to a $350 hold on your card while you have a sample. We do not process the actual charge, except in the possible case a dress is not returned. In this case, the $350 hold will be processed along with whatever remaining balance is due from the full cost of the dress.

If we don't hear from you in 5 days from the last day of your try-at-home booking, we’ll assume you're keeping the sample and charge you the full price of the dresses. However, we will try to contact you and reach out to resolve any issues before we get to this point.

We understand that normal wear and tear happens with wedding dress samples. If you have any concerns about our authorization hold policy, please reach out to us via email ( or phone at 312-869-9033.

For specific bust/waist/hip measurements, our samples are made to the following:
- Size 4: 35 /27 /37.5 inches
- Size 10: 38.5 / 30.5/ 41.5 inches
- Size 16: 44.5/ 36.5/ 46.5 inches

Our try at home samples currently come in size 4, 10, or 16. So if you select size range 00-4, then we will send you a size 4 sample.

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