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It's 9 months before your wedding. You're not happy about the prospect that many places require you to place your wedding dress order 9-12 ahead of time.

You want more details in place before you make a dress choice. You want to decide on your wedding colors. You’re still debating whether the bridesmaids will look cuter in long or short dresses, and you want them to feel awesome on the day.

You want more time to decide on the theme or look of your venue. You can't seem to find a dress style online without some of these decisions, your anxiety is building, and the weeks are clicking by. You might even want a custom dress, you think, but that's way out of your budget.

Why does it take so long to get a wedding dress? At Grace + Ivory, we believe you deserve to get it faster.

How do we create made-to-measure dresses in less time? Three things make us different:

  1. We start making your dress as soon as it is ordered.

Here is a dirty little secret of the bridal industry – The reason that you need to order a dress so far in advance from a traditional shop is that designers are finicky. They demand a minimum purchase of gowns per season, and will only take orders twice a year. This forces the shop owner to order your dress under one of these larger season stock orders, reducing their ability to be flexible about timing.

At Grace + Ivory, every dress is made-to-measure and we start the process of making your custom dress once you place your order.

  1. We cut out the middleman.

We have reduced the number of steps between you and your dress. Each bride gets paired with a Grace + Ivory design stylist, who then communicates your wishes and desires for your dress directly to the designer and dressmaker. The designer and dressmaker directly oversee the making of each individual dress, ensuring that your dress is perfect. Our dressmaker also makes dresses for the luxury brands that sell dresses for much more!

In the traditional model, a bride needs to communicate with the shop owner, who then communicates with the designer, who then communicates with a lead dressmaker, who then communicates with assistants. This game of telephone can lead to communication errors and production problems. We have streamlined our model to ensure higher quality, every time.   

  1. We reduce the need for alterations.

A made-to-measure dress will cut the number of fittings you need from two to three, to one or none. Your design stylist will help you take the correct measurements and ask all the right questions to get the sizing right. Our goal is to make dresses that might require taking in or out a seam, or shorting a hem if you have not yet decided on your shoes, but nothing more extensive than that.

For most bridal shops, the process for buying a wedding dress has been the same since your mother bought hers. You try a dress from the rack, order it 9-12 months in advance, need to deal with multiple fittings, and then, finally, have your dress ready for your big day.

Grace + Ivory is not your mother’s bridal shop. We create made-to-measure dresses, customized for your unique tastes and personality, and delivered at twice the speed of traditional bridal shops.

What is the advantage of this? It’s simple – Ordering 4-5 months before your wedding means that you will be closer to the same size you will be on your wedding day, more of the other details will be set that could affect the type and style of dress you want, and, most importantly, you will feel more confident in your dress. You could say that our mission is to help you slay on your big day.



 More questions? Connect with us and a design stylist will connect with you!


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