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Our goal is to have happy brides. Since each dress is made-to-measure, there should only be minor alterations, if any. But we understand we live in an imperfect world. If you have concerns about your dress, G+I will provide up to a $100.00 alterations credit for anything beyond taking in or out a seam, and/or shortening a hem so you can achieve your best fit.

Steps to Apply for an Alterations Credit:

1. Connect With Us

Please connect with us and we will send you an alterations form. This visual guide will help you understand the ways your dress can be altered. Please note that alterations will also depend on the experience and expertise of your seamstress.

2. Take Your Alteration Form and Dress to a Local Seamstress/Tailor

 Have your seamstress/tailor indicate all changes on our alteration form.

3. Apply for an Alteration Credit

Please send us the alterations form, along with photograph(s), and a scanned copy of the receipt you receive from your seamstress.